Hello. This is Brad Maglinger.

Brad Maglinger is vice president of Product & Marketing at AOL/Verizon. He is responsible for connecting the product development team to the customer-focused operations of MapQuest/AOL/Verizon brands, creating consumer awareness and interaction through strategic media and distribution partnerships, encouraging and growing talent, and leveraging resources to develop the brands. 

Brad joined AOL in 2012, and has led product and marketing campaigns which have created the first traffic growth in eight years for MapQuest—one of the only Web 1.0 companies with notable growth over the past decade. He has lead his team to produce more content than any other contributor network at AOL and its subsidiaries—which provided incremental traffic growth as well as a shift in new audience base from the commoditized turn-by-turn navigation category. His teams have won more awards than all other AOL brands combined for two years, including a Webby Award for comedy and an Emmy for some beautiful moving pictures.

Outside of AOL/Verizon, Brad is a highly-awarded marketing and technology professional who has spent the past two decades as a business leader in his industry. He has worked extensively with both Fortune 100 companies and challenger brands. His previous work experience includes Director of Technology at Switch for Anhueser-Busch and VitaminWater, Creative Director for Subway at HLK, and a founder of both Blast Rabbit (Server-Side ESP) and Roux Interactive (901 Tequila, Anheuser-Busch, Elsevier, Beats by Dre). 

Brad’s focused and results-oriented mindset allows him to position key assets, and build uniquely beneficial corporate and brand alliances. This decisive planning has earned the proven short- and long-term success he delivers. His unique combination of analytical knowledge and creative focus allows Brad to bridge the gap from failure to success through innovative ideas that see results. This interactive and heuristic combination is what Brad attributes to his success—setting him apart from the traditional industry mindset.

A native from the land of corn and farmers’ daughters, Brad earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business marketing from the University of Southern Indiana. And, if you're really into certifications, he is full-stack Google Ad certified (AdWords, Search, Display, Mobile, Video, and Shopping Advertising) and a Certified Expert at ComScore.