Hello. This is Brad Maglinger.

From his humble beginnings as a PHP software engineer, to his creative direction with Budweiser and Coca-Cola, Maglinger has 15 years cementing the creative and technological vision for many brands through design, creative direction, marketing, product development, audience development, communications, and public relations.   

Brad is a proven, entrepreneurial-minded senior executive. While he is a well known product leader, marketer, designer, and evangelist, these are simply artifacts of having the endurance and aptitude to roll up his sleeves and get sh*t done. He works from a position of direct craft through execution -- and only a consideration and knowledge of 'theory'.

Brad's value is in understanding technology, marketing, client services, and the reality of day-to-day business operations at the highest levels, all whilst being able to use that horizontal, holistic viewpoint to derive solutions that meet actual business objectives. 

Since 2012, Brad begun in-depth exploration of IoT, product R&D, physical impairment augmentation, and business transformations.

Maglinger currently serves at the pleasure of AOL, rebuilding and growing MapQuest back to the glory and prestige it deserves in the books of Internet history.